Monday, April 28, 2014

Attention all gays - there is no such thing as perfection!

Attention all gays - there is in now way a thing such as perfection. There is no perfect Boyfriend with the perfect six pack body nor the perfect intelligence, perfect cock even. Basically perfection as you want, demand or crave honestly only exists in a world of utopia that doesn't exists in this lifetime.

Yes I know it might seem I am just ranting but I want you to ask yourself, what to expect from the perfect man/boyfriend/husband. Do you expect:

  1. a perfect 6 pack body
  2. the perfect relationship
  3. no fighting or arguing
  4. perfect sex 24/7
  5. perfect smile
  6. perfect hair
  7. perfect cock size

If you demand any or all of these then you honestly expect perfection that doesn't exist. Relationships are never or at least not always perfect. They have their flaws I mean come on lets be realistic about things. When it comes to relationships, they are a two way street. Its all about communication and trust being the biggest thing. 

When I talk about trust, in a relationship it is the biggest thing possible, Trust should never be based on perfection based on the way someone looks, how sexy they are or indeed if they are good in bed. Thats just weakness and your setting yourself up to never find that Mr Right, who does exists - I am a firm believer there is a Mr Right out there for everyone, but only if you truly open your eyes and get rid of this tunnel vision.

It is ok to want to look at and want someone with a sexy six pack body but it doesn't ensure you will ever have the perfect relationship.

The basics of a relationship and I mean a realistic relationship within this physical world, it should be based on:

  1. Open communication between both partners
  2. Trust between both partners
  3. Willingness to keep an open mind and discuss matters fairly and openly
  4. Willing to compromise
  5. Understand and accept each other flaws - they are quirks that define us
  6. Willingness to work around these flaws

Communication and being able to work around each others quirks, accepting that they define us all and being able to rust your partner will ensure that you will have a happy relationship. It won't always be perfect and yes you will argue or have debates, but thats not a bad thing, its a good thing as it shows your willingness to have open and fair discussions on both sides of the fence when it comes to an argument and try to find a middle ground.

But please gays, stop this obsession with six pack Mr Right figure that you seem to want to have or be in a relationship and be happy with who your are and be open to new things and new people from various backgrounds, religions, cultures and other community circles within the gay community (like bears or leather men) because who knows, you might just find that Mr Right ;)

Till next time, take care